Famously known by her stage name DJ Nelo, the 21-year-old Kananelo Malea is a young DJ and predecessor of the next movement of Hip Hop genre. Growing up in a family that loves music, she says that this was bound to happen somehow even though her career started off as a hobby and in 2020, she went fully in.

She grew up in a family that is actively involved in the entertainment industry and the talent that she has together with an environment she lives in contributed a lot in her choice of career. Besides being a DJ, Nelo sketches, sings and does lots of things.

She plays Hip Hop music but on the verge of being versatile, “I want to be known and leave my footprints everywhere. It is my aim to be able to mix all genres of music such as Amapiano and others,” she indicated. She states that it is quite hard to be in a male-dominated industry but it also comes with brags as other upcoming DJs go to her for guidance. “There are constructive critics therefore; they make me better and stronger. The other thing is that, I am a student as a result, I have to balance my studies with being a DJ and prioritize my time,” she elaborated.

She has collaborated with a few DJs and since she wants to become a producing DJ, she points out that she would like to collaborate with Unkle Krack, HBK and a.k.a Koncept and internationally, it would be artists such as Ayanda MVP, Miss Pru and Ricky Rick just to name a few.

“I say if you want to do something that you like, go for it and always pray for strength from God; by so doing, you will overcome all the criticism and eventually great things shall happen,” Nelo seals.

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