SHEboss aims to dignify pregnant women


In an effort to help pregnant women who are struggling to get maternal clothes and materials for themselves and their unborn babies, SHEboss Foundation is currently collecting these materials from people of good will.

Co-Founder of SHEboss Foundation Karabo Molapo indicated that due to COVID-19 pandemic which has left a lot of family members losing their jobs; they have decided to help pregnant women who were affected. 

She stated that the materials that are mostly needed are cotton wool, maternity pads, baby clothes, baby disposable nappies, baby cosmetics as well as transportation for these things.

Molapo further indicated that SHEboss Foundation will be hosting a Fundraising event on the 26th February 2022 at Nature Point Park as a means of collecting these materials. The event will have among other things: relationship counselling and Sesotho games where couples will have a turn to play and have fun.

“The moral of the event is to help couples revive the spark which they used to have and there will be an intimate questionnaire sessions where couples will be sharing their problems and remembering where and how they first met,” she disclosed.

Thus far, the foundation has run several initiatives that include free counselling for pregnant women and from next month, Molapo pointed out that they will be working on workshops for youths who have completed LGSCE and the project will kick start in Maseru before being launched in other districts.

SHEboss Foundation is a charity organization which is based in Khubetsoana and it aims at empowering and restoring hope to women and their families through the tough times as well as to help improve their livelihood. It serves as a center for the collection and dissemination of products and services among funders and vulnerable women.

It is a community where women and their families are empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives, to restore hope among vulnerable women, children and communities that have lost hope due to COVID-19 pandemic, poverty, abuse and other natural calamities and to support communities-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance life development.

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