NUL student manufactures sweets


Entrepreneurship is a skill which many people fear. It comes with so many challenges and lots of people are always scared to start. Liepollo Mpabatsane is one of the fearless women who broke the fear of entrepreneurship by starting her own business that manufactures sweets.

The 26-year-old super woman was born and raised in Ha Motšoane, Leribe. Even though she studied Chemical Technology at the National University of Lesotho (NUL), the brainy woman did not settle at home and wait for the job of her qualifications. In August 2021, she came up with an intelligent idea of starting a business that manufactures sweets and she named it Jolly Jaws.

“I’ve always wanted to own some food related stall or a food manufacturing business. I decided to start a business that produces and sells sweets. The reason which I specifically chose sweets is because I realised that a lot of people love snacking in between their meals or even when they are bored. So, I tried out different recipes and I sold them to few people and they loved the sweets,” said Liepollo.

Jolly Jaws produces different kinds of sweets which include candy canes, lollypops, caramel pop-corn glees and jelly sweets.

Every business has its own challenges and it takes a wise person to overcome those challenges for the survival of the business. Same thing goes with Jolly Jaws, the owner faced a challenge when it comes to distribution of her sweets. However, the thoughtful businesswoman came up with an idea of delivering the sweets to different retailers and supermarkets all around the country so that every person can buy them at their nearby shops.

“I live at Roma and it was very difficult for me to meet all my customers because some ordered sweets online and I could not reach them all. The transport costs were too high, and I did not manage to make profit because sweets are sold at a very low price compared to the amount I used for transport while making deliveries. For my candy sweets to be bought, I had to go to businesses that already exist; supermarkets that would be interested in buying sweets from me. I decided to be a supplier of sweets to different shops and supermarkets.  I made quick deliveries to local retail shops and my sweets were sold there,” added Liepollo.

There are a lot of people out there who are interested in starting their own businesses but are scared to start. For one to conquer their fear of starting their businesses, they first must believe in themselves and gain confidence through other successful entrepreneurs. Liepollo believes that hard work and discipline are major keys to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Although her business is not related to the course she studied, she did not let that be a barrier for beginning her own business. Liepollo advices everyone to never limit themselves with their level of knowledge because she still operates a business that does not match her qualifications.

“I’ve realised that if you’re persistent and hardworking, there will be solutions to any problem you come across in any business. Engage yourself in the business world and interact with business people and you’ll see that every business has its own problems; it’s just a matter of how you solve them. The main problem with people is to commence. Don’t wait for the future, start and you’ll learn on your way in the business,” concluded Liepollo.

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