You are invested with the power from heaven


Philippians 4: 13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

An empowered soul is a soul that has recognised itself and it is aware that it is the essence of who we really are, that is the guiding power behind the body and mind. There is an Ancient Greek aphorism that goes, “know thyself.”

Simply, it says that as people of God who are created in His own image, we should introspect, self-reflect ourselves so that we could understand our true nature, and having done so, we shall live in our true nature.  I also reiterate that we must know our strengths; we must know our powerful traits.

But the question remains, what is our true nature? Are we simply the body that we come into the world with that ages with time and withers away after death? Are we the mind that grows astute with intellectual pursuits only to evaporate at the time of death? Are we our emotions that change as frequently as the weather? Or, is there much more to ‘ourselves’? Is there something more constant, more powerful that defines our true self?

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