Burnout describes a condition of severe or chronic work-related stress that leads to severe physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It is much worse than ordinary fatigue and makes it quite challenging for people to cope with stress. The symptoms may be emotional (psychological) or may be seen by the body begins to deteriorate (physical symptoms): BY: DR.MUSOKE

The main problem with admitting that one has a problem is the fear of stigma, especially for men! It is often hard to admit that one is overwhelmed, tired, and lost. In the corporate world, the pressure to perform is unrelenting with peanuts as rewards and little applause.

The healthcare field is especially ruthless, with the addition of bullying and low pay, coupled with the universal presumption that for example, doctors are rich! Well, most of the ones I know will complain that the hours worked compared to the remuneration can be vastly improved!!

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