Speak to your challenges


Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”

As believers, we encounter challenges as we walk out of God’s plans for our lives. Satan will see to it; however, Satan won’t succeed when we are confident in the salvation that God has afforded us through Jesus. When we take hold of the power God has given us, the devil doesn’t stand a chance against us.

If we want to experience the victory that comes through salvation, we start first by speaking God’s word all the time. Our victory is in what we speak and when we speak God’s word, we tap into the salvation that is rightfully ours. If we want to get out of debt, if we want to pass at school, if we want a fruit of the womb, or we have dreams of owning a business, we should find scriptures on these things and say them until our hearts dwell in them. When we do this, we release a spiritual force that rearranges things in our lives and causes the devil to back off whenever he tries to hinder the process.

Our healing, deliverance, and desires are wrapped up in our salvation. Salvation is much more than just forgiveness of sin and the Born-Again experience. God doesn’t just deliver us from sin, he delivers us from sickness, addiction, poverty, and everything else the enemy tries to use to attack us.

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