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She prefers to be identified as Karabelo Ts’osane (nee Mokoallo), the wife, sister, daughter and friend. And a chance to spend some time with her reveals just how wonderful she at playing all these different roles all while continuing to remain her one true self. This young God-driven woman is very passionate and easily inspired by the little things that make her the person she is. She came into the scenes in the showbiz world of beauty pageants, the highlight of which was her scooping the Miss PC FM title in 2009 moving on to participate in more international pageants including the Miss Humanity International of 2011 which she brought home.  

DSC 9223Interview with Mzondase: Thahameso.We caught up with the industry veteran to hear what she had to say about her show. An aspiring news anchor would be hard pressed to find a better role model than Mzondase Tsepane. A fixture on Lesotho Television Channel 292 since 2012, Tsepane has experience in front of the camera and natural talent. She warms her way into the hearts of her viewers, earning her an enviable reputation as an on air personality, TV Presenter and event host.

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a-born beauty, professionally trained as a teacher whose claim to fame was as radio personality, Thato Mochone has grown to become an obvious household name in the Lesotho media entertainment and music industry. Within just a space of six years, Mochone has built a name for herself to the extent that she is more than just big in Lesotho and parts of South Africa, but has ably left her mark even in the American arena where she had a brief stint with one of the greatest stations there, the Voice of America.