17. 05. 18

Remember Your “Why” and Stay Active throughout the Winter Season.

Ntsie Mapetla – Biokineticist at 2ND Wave Fitness

With the winter season fast approaching, we thought we’d kick-off our journey with a dose of some basic prophylactic advice to get you through this challenging period, and help you beat those winter blues. Our theme will centre on the idea of Exercise is Medicine.

17. 03. 22

Getting started with fitness training

There are so many good reasons why it is a great idea to get fit. Health, illness, a life event, social reasons, inspiration are just some of the factors that can motivate even the most reluctant to heave themselves off the sofa and into their lycra. So well done. You have done the really hard bit by making that decision and committing to getting fit. Now all you need to work out is the how.

17. 05. 18

Gentle exercise to kick-start your day

While exercise studies have shown that vigorous exercise in the morning can compromise the immune system, gentle activity helps to wake up the brain and body, mobilizing joints, activating the postural muscles and raising body temperature and heart rate. Here's the realbuzz.com guide on how to successfully, and safely, exercise in the morning.

17. 03. 22

Aerobic-This word by itself, directly means "with oxygen", but it comes alive when used as an adjective to identify exercise. Aerobic exercise is exercise that is energetic enough and vigorous, lasts long enough and is done regularly enough to keep your heart and lungs in good conditions. Aerobic exercises burn fat faster than any other type of exercise; this is according to Mayo clinic.